Helmut Dick

A patched area of the façade the Stasi Museum in Berlin is partly covered with a photo print of the exact same spot. (72 cm x 56 cm, on dibond). Repair in Memorial / Gedenkreparatur is a temporary, site-specific installation at the Stasi Museum (www.stasimuseum.de) the former headquarter of the state security of the GDR in the Ruschestrasse / Normannenstrasse in Berlin Lichtenberg.

gedenk1  gedenk2  gedenk3

A painted over graffiti is marked with a black symbol that reappears on pole (2,30 m high) with long, blonde hair. Order of the Angels / Ordung der Engel is a temporary installation that was made along a foot- and bicycle path close to Berlin’s city railway station Nöldnerplatz.
blond1  blond2  blond3


März, 2015