Aktuell (August)

Veranstaltungen Lichtenberg Studios
Türrschmidtstr. 24

Mittwoch, 23. August um 19 Uhr

Shane Dalmedo

Vortrag, Diskussion zu Ihrer Arbeiten.

Shane Dalmedo wohnt im August in den Lichtenberg Studios und erkundet den Bezirk, sie ist die zweite Residentin des Programmes GIBRALTAR – BERLIN ARTIST EXCHANGE RESIDENCY in Kooperation und mit finanzieller Unterstützung des Government of Gibraltar, Ministry of Culture.

„I paint mainly on paper in acrylics, construct 3d scenarios and make short films using live action and stop motion. The subject of my work is mostly I would say to be an exploration into the human condition;  and toys,  dolls, ornaments and my objects are a very important part of my expressive language  I feel that these retain their own energy.  They are keepers of stories and secrets and so they add their own language to mine when I use them in my work to form a new dialogue.“ (Shane Dalmedo , August 2017)

August, 2017