Olivier Menanteau

Olivier Menanteau’s photographs depict life in offices, in factories, at airports, in classrooms or in old people’s homes. Every image describes the anonymous and, at the same time, personal dimension of workplaces in the context of social hierarchy, and also describes the inner cosmos of those who work at these workplaces.

In his recent works which dealt with the United Nations in New York and the president and parliament of Lithuania, he aimed to illustrate the direct relationship between the individual and political power. In the case of the United Nations, the subject was the globalisation of power, and in Lithuania it was the history of a young nation in Europe.

In Lichtenberg, Olivier Menanteau will be focussing on the office of the mayor of the district and on district assembly as a component part of Germany’s capital. This project will continue until the end of 2011.

June, 2011