Hans Winkler

Public space becomes accessible by walking, by roaming around in the city. Daily walks always reveal extraordinary things. Your gaze is turned to details, often to the inconspicuous.

The intention of all these walks is to read the city, to discover elements of everyday life there, to open one’s eyes to aesthetic experiences on the street and to unlock special locations. This includes spontaneous intervention, the modification of the existing situations. These are careful inventions that are dependent on the surroundings and make one more conscious of these surroundings. Perhaps it is precisely this creative vacuum that turns disappearing into an art form as a coherent position within the context of the overproduction and inflationary tendencies of presentation forms in public space. In this spirit: Light for Lichtenberg!

PS: In the last of the four actions carried out, one layer of paint after the other was removed from a stone that had been covered with graffiti a number of times over in order to reveal the original symbol again.

September, 2011