Klaus W. Eisenlohr/Johann Zeitler

Lichtenberg’s urban squares – An appropriation

Public squares are the heart of urban neighbourhoods. During their one-week residence at Lichtenberg Studios, the artists Klaus W. Eisenlohr and Johann Zeitler sought out eight very different urban squares in Lichtenberg-Hohenschönhausen and captured images of each using a stop-motion technique. In each case, the “camera trip” starts off at a bench and then covers the entire square. It was planned to connect all these squares in a “virtual” manner for observers with an installation at Tuchollaplatz, but ultimately this was not possible due to the weather conditions. Instead, the artists “stole” a bench from Tuchollaplatz (thieves often prefer to use the word “borrowed”) and used it in their exhibition for a day. This bench became a reference object used in the creation of a map of Lichtenberg-Hohenschönhausen that showed the squares visited. Portraits of the eight squares were placed on this map in the form of small monitors.


November, 2011