Asami Togawa

I choose a fragment from scene which I found of spending my life or my traveling.

This fragment is my idea of beginning my work.

Fragments which was collected have common points and meaning.

And I remake another figure.

After I put it a scene and I make a scene.


is like a road sign. I always see a road sign. I am interested in shape and color of those.


I picked up only postcard from Germany. Postcard have just symbol of the city. I carefully cut this something symbolic. This silhouette is exactly that. All postcard are letters which somebody sent.

hide and seek

I am interested in artificial flowers. I found that in Dong-Xuan-Center. When I saw artificial flowers, I have remembered asian scenes. That cheep plastic is asian I think.

I use not only type of leaf but several types of leaf.


Those papers which is cut postcard. That lost meaning from city’s symbol.

January, 2013