Jorn Ebner (Lichtenberg-Workshop)

Jorn Ebner
randexistieren [ edgisting / bordering on the edge of existence ]
Action on Weitlingstraße, Berlin-Lichtenberg

The action’s premise was to stand in the way on the pavement of Weitlingstraße in Berlin-Lichtenberg and to stand on a corner. I stood in four locations for half an hour each: at a bus stop, in front of shops, on a corner nearby a supermarket and on the edge of a building next to a body builders’ studio.

For this action, I developed four objects made from kite fabrics, which were buttoned to my body – one object per location – and one object that functioned as a carrier bag. This carrier object contained more items that could slot into each other, intended as architectual support for each action. However, in the end they were not really used.

The action was documented by a photographer.

During the action most passers-by seemed indifferent. They avoided running their buggies into me; a young man asked whether this was the latest fashion, obviously taking the colourful object I wore on my head as an accessory; in general, the young people seemed amused. One gentleman who left an undertakers next to my in-the-way-location started a conversation whilst ignoring my activity. Obviously he took my action as part of the everyday. Later, standing in a corner, a man walked past asking what this was meant to be and continued shouting: You should get a kick in the butt. Later still, standing on the corner of a building, nobody said anything anymore – but only few people passed by anyhow.

It was a sunny afternoon.

The original title ’randexistieren’ is a neologism meaning something like existing on the edge or bordering on the edge of existence; I was under the impression to be on the edge of local city life.

  (Fotos: Maria Morata)

January, 2013