Jorn Ebner

“Mies aus der Ferne”

“Mies aus der Ferne” (Mies from a distance) is a sound study. Using sound recordings from the city space from within and the vicinity of Haus Lemke, now the Museum „Mies van der Rohe Haus“ in Berlin-Lichtenberg, I developed three compositions.

‘Mies von weitem’ (Mies from afar) (10:15min) uses sounds from the park opposite Haus Lemke, ‘Mies von nahem’ (Mies from close by) (0:56min) uses sounds from Oberseestraße 60 directly in front of the building and ‘Mies von innen’ (Mies from inside ) (3:00min) uses sounds from within the building. Each composition has an internal threefold structure.

City Noise can be heard, rhythmic pebbles of the footpath in the park, microphone noises, sound of work, cries of children. Each contributes to the dense sound image / sonic cityscape in the vicinity of Mies van der Rohe.

Developed during a residency at Lichtenberg Studios, Berlin, 2012.

January, 2013