Setting free

As part of the “Freilassung (Release)” project, we carried out an experiment where art that had been created for protected gallery or museum spaces was exposed – or perhaps more fittingly: released – to public space. Three artists were asked to participate in this exciting and, at the same time, possibly damaging (after all, a work could be damaged or lost) project: Gilles Fromonteil (France, porcelain/ceramics), Andrea Pichl (Germany, installation) and Tommy Støckel (Denmark, sculpture).

The artworks were first shown in an exhibition so as to provide everyone with an opportunity to experience the artworks in their “natural” environment with their own aura, which can only fully unfold when the pieces are “elevated” to an exhibition situation, and – last but not least – in order to minimise the number of subsequent visits in public space: this took place between 19 July and 4 August 2012 in the room for special exhibitions in Lichtenberg Museum.

January, 2013