Jürgen Paas

1st phase • »BICYCLE TOUR«
Daily bike trips across Lichtenberg – from Wartenberg to Karlshorst, from Friedrichsfelde to Fennpfuhl. And occasionally beyond the boundaries of the district too, to Thälmann Park, Weissensee and Köpenick. Continuous photographic documentation along the way. Reflections.

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2nd phase • »INTERVENTIONS«
When viewed in more detail, Lichtenberg as a microcosm of Berlin is full of mysterious, abstract, symbolic and absurd tags and graffiti. My attention is drawn to them during my journeys, and my focus gradually turns to a possible expansion of these fields of vision in public space: within the context of my previous work, a concept emerges for temporary interventions with negligible material requirements that will create perceptible irritations in a subtle manner.


3rd phase • »FINALE«
At the end of my excursions, I leave behind a stroboscope-like geometrical-serial syntax in public perception, made up of elements can easily be modified, recombined or removed in a playful manner at any time.
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March, 2014