Elisabeth Sonneck

Facades, diaphragm + exposure
During the first half of October, I cycled around Lichtenberg randomly during the day and made rough sketches every so often of my routes, stops and what I had seen: the results were seven trip recorder sheets, with no prior orientation and no photos along the way. Decorated fronts, a dropped mask, faces without makeup, inviting comfort to return to every day, weathered looks back at uninhabited structures – first off, I was struck by the diversity of facades in Lichtenberg. What do surfaces show, and how can surfaces conceal certain things? What do their colours tell us of all this? The results were loose series of colour tones, painted on paper, as colour research and a memory aid for the next two interventions situated between painting, repair and mimicry.


fahrtenschreiber_2  fahrtenschreiber_3  fahrtenschreiber_4  fahrtenschreiber_5

fahrtenschreiber_6  fahrtenschreiber_7  fta_uebersicht_1  fta_uebersicht_2

March, 2015