Diane Müller

In common with my previous work in public spaces, in Lichtenberg too I was looking for interesting architecture, squares and places that I found exceptional, but which are not intended to be perceived in any particular way by passers-by and the general public. Inspired by Valie Export’s body performances in the 1970s, I felt the need to get closer to the district of Lichtenberg in a bodily manner. For example, I discovered a broken railing at the waterside, an orange-coloured playground toy that was full of graffiti tags, an angled top of a pillar on the fence around an old pumping station in Lichtenberg, the district heating pipes that are typical of former East Berlin that run through the area like a green snake; I positioned my body close to these objects, adapting to the contours of their architecture. In each position, I read Hanno Rauterberg’s book: “Wir sind die Stadt! Urbanes Leben in der Digitalmoderne (We are the city! Urban living in digital modernity)”. The result was a series of around 20 photos.

diane1 diane2 diane3

January, 2016