Tomaž Kramberger /Vanja Balogh

January 2015 in Berlin. Eight days of constant rain at the beginning of our stay. We were getting to know things slowly, researching and roaming around Berlin in the wet. One day we noticed a shop with all these little 3D-sculptures on display. Tiny sculptures depicting people from everyday life, some in silly poses, others just standing there. Babies, pets and various other knick-knack. All figures in a somewhat clumsy photo-realistic makeover.
After the shop staff explained to us how these models are being produced we realised it somewhat represents the intersection of both our artistic interests. One translating his ideas via photographs for most part of his artistic practice the other prone to come up with something sculpted or constructed. A perfect trigger for a collaboration we literally saw ourselves in.

tomaz3 tomaz2 tomaz1

tomaz4 tomaz5 tomaz6

January, 2016