Current (July)

Veranstaltungen Lichtenberg Studios
Türrschmidtstr. 24

Freitag, 28. Juli um 19 Uhr

Anjali Gopan

Vortrag, Diskussion zu Ihrer Arbeiten und einem kleinen Imbiss für einen kurzweiligen Abend.

Anjali Gopan wohnt im Juli in den Lichtenberg Studios und erkundet den Bezirk, sie ist die erste Residentin des Programmes bangaloREsidency expanded in Kooperation und mit finanzieller Unterstützung des Goethe-Instituts / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore

“As an artist, and as someone who loses conviction in work very easily, I try my best to rely less on photography as a tool and more as a medium to bind my connection my people around and the world I see. My interests are in connecting people, their identities and imaginations into mine and try my best to represent them, collaboratively, in an artistic and elaborate way. I take mostly portraits, though occasionally I turn to shooting still objects.
In Berlin, my work is mostly concentrating on the vivid images I see here and also, the people, mostly who have come from other lands and how they shape the character of Berlin and how Berlin shapes theirs. ” (Anjali Gopan, July 2017)
July, 2017