Current (October)

Veranstaltungen Lichtenberg Studios

Türrschmidtstr. 24

Donnertag, 12. Oktober um 19 Uhr

Agnes Prammer

Vortrag, Diskussion zu Ihrer Arbeiten.

„Mostly I work with photography and artist books. I position my artistic practice at the border between ­documentary and staged (often self-staged) ­photography. I often work/photograph strings in public space.
I think of all my art works as portraits; even, for example, pieces that consist only of texts or are landscape photographs. I like to mix images with text. I frequently work with found footage from the internet or quotes.
I usually have long preparation times, months or years, from the first idea to the final piece. The conception, research and planing are the main part of my work; taking photographs or producing the work only takes up a short period of my time.
Reoccurring topics of my work are teenagers and growing-up, the photographic representation of women, doing-nothing (seen as a radical act in capitalistic society), cohabitation in megacities, environment, nature, loneliness, online use of language and ­(online) privacy.“ (Agnes Prammer, October 2017)

October, 2017