Margaret Robinson

I spent my winter residency at Lichtenberg Studios exploring the landscape on foot and via the Tram. I spent much of my time walking through the landscape with my 35mm camera, thinking about past power structures and systems of order that were used to divide people and land. I was curious to discover the remnants and scars of these systems, hoping to learn in light of my own circumstances living in the United States under my government today.

Aside from abandoned institutions, prisons, and architectural ruin, I was particularly drawn to the smoke that exuded from the Kraftwerk Klingenberg Power Plant in Rummelsburg. I became intrigued by it’s movement in the sky, how it churned in the cold, and how it interacted with sunlight at various points of the day. The frigid winter air created a defined sculpture of steam in the sky. The churning waves of texture, often feeling like the only sense of power and movement during the short Winter days. My favorite time of day, was when the sun would rise and the smoke would block out the sunlight for short fractions of time, creating a beautiful backlit silhouette. I was drawn to the geometry and composition of other objects in dialogue with the steam. The power lines, flocks of birds. Sunlight and bare trees.

All images were taken with my 35mm camera and hand processed.

February, 2018