Angelika Wischmann

In February 2019 Angelika Wischermann was a guest at the Lichtenberg Studios and was to design and if possible realize a project in relation to the Lichtenberg district.

During her tours and research she came across the Prinzenviertel in Karlshorst, which with its somewhat fairytale appearance was built in the late 1920s.

It was here that Angelika Wischermann realized her intervention, which she conceived during her stay in the Lichtenberg Studios and which is not only linked to her childhood memories.
She dealt with the so-called Knallerpsen (snowberries), which many people threw on the floor with great joy as children in order to let them burst into flames.

So she has “newly” equipped a snowberry bush in the Prinzenviertel with the popular firecrackers, which not only seems surprising for the season, but also raises questions because of the immense amount of work behind it. However, during the several days of work on the snowberry fortification, only one resident asked her about her work.

“A completely bare snowberry bush is hung with the berries of bushes still bearing fruit. The harvested berries are fitted with wires and attached to the places of the branches where the fruits once hung”. (Angelika Wischermann)

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February, 2020