Günter Malchow

in January 2019

Since the 60s I knew from my school world atlas that in the northeast of Berlin a village called Malchow. When I received the invitation Studios in November 2018, I did not know, however, that Malchow had a now is an incorporated part of the district of Lichtenberg. From the equality of place and family names the idea was born to make this the subject of my artistic realisation.
On extensive, both targeted and spontaneous exploratory walks in the district Lichtenberg I have found exemplary visual impressions, charming traces and typical local conditions and documented photographically. People are not to be seen in the photos.
The painter Malchow uses the pictures of the situational photo documentation in the district of Lichtenberg in direct reference to a picture he has painted. The combination was applied to a textile Carrier material printed in the format 150 x 105 cm. With this “flag”, people who were district, visiting or working here, photographed at different locations. The overall picture “Malchow in Lichtenberg – a travelling exhibition” was created in the private and public space.
I developed the exhibition concept during the three weeks of my stay in Lichtenberg developed and implemented. It is conceivable that this idea could be extended as a project to other cities/landscapes is transferred.
Besides Uwe Jonas, I would like to thank the Berlin photographer Hans Christian Krass. The cooperation with He made the technical implementation of the project much easier.

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February, 2020