Vanessa Lasys, Eileen Helm und Sofia Simeth

The Weitlingkiez is a quarter in the two Berlin districts of Rummelsburg and Friedrichsfelde in the Lichtenberg district with a surface area of around 50 hectares, which developed in the 19th and 20th centuries.

And it was precisely this neighbourhood that we decided on when we were faced with the question of where to carry out and locate our artistic work.
So we started a small exploration tour within the neighborhood, walked the streets and let the surroundings take effect on us. One of the first things we noticed was the color of the houses. Almost every house had a different, new colour. Many houses were painted in strong tones, some in pastel shades and a few simply left white.
Here, we decided, was where our work should begin. We declared it to be our main goal to open the eyes of the inhabitants again for what we as visitors had immediately noticed, namely the colorfulness of the surroundings.
In order to realize this goal, we thought of a map system that was not based on street names, but on the characteristic color combinations of the residential buildings. We divided the work into three parts. Part 1 was to develop a map on which the houses were marked with their colour. Part 2 consisted of distributing this map in the form of posters and postcards in the neighbourhood for all residents to see. The postcards were displayed in cafes, restaurants and shops, the posters were stuck to walls, electricity boxes, …
In the 3rd part we stuck stickers on the street name signs, which were an alternative street marking. They only showed the colour combinations that occur in the respective street.

Our project would be applicable in a wide variety of places. Even if it was specifically the Weitlingkiez by carrying out our project, it generally appeals to everyone to take a closer look at their own living space. In this way, it helps to make districts more lively and attractive, and ensures a closer connection between people and space.

If the project were to be carried out a second time, more and possibly larger posters could be printed to make it even more present in the urban space. Apart from that, an interactive app could also be developed as a continuation of the whole project. Apart from the artistic level, the project is also helpful in making districts more lively and attractive.

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February, 2020