Antonia Low

Dear Christof, dear Paul, (…)*
I would like to invite you to a collaborative walk through Lichtenberg! I would be very happy to see you again, talk to you again and explore the area together. Together we will walk through the streets of Lichtenberg and review the last months. We exchange ideas about art, life and the new closeness between us. And see what can come of it –
Sincerely, yours Antonia

Corona Nose

When you have Corona, you no longer smell or taste anything, says Christof Zwiener. He had it at the beginning of March 2020, even before the virus had really spread in Europe. When he was getting better bit by bit, the smell of decay came into his nose like a phantom. It smelled again of the dead neighbour above him in the flat. The dead neighbour had been lying on the floor there years before and had decomposed. The body had of course already been removed at that time, the flies had also gone. But the sweetish smell of the dead man floated ghostly back into the room for Christof’s nose.
When Christof tells me about this experience, I think of my time at the beginning of the pandemic and the ban on contact. My sense of smell was also off. Basically I had all the corona symptoms except fever. I was at home in my flat. The strange thing was that when the sense of smell came back, it smelled strangely – like inside the sinuses, as if they were closed off to the outside. In self-chosen isolation, the olfactory organ seemed to be preoccupied with itself in an obstinate way.

* Through walks with other friends* a series of artistic collaborations have developed so far: An eBay classified ad, a collage, a text, an exhibition plan and new dates. To be continued elsewhere!

November, 2020