La Perruque – Coopérative

La Perruque – Coopérative
Nadine Allibert / Lucie Chaumont

Performance et vidéo
Rummelsburg depot 2020

We come from a rural area in the south-east of France. Where we live, the human presence is embedded in nature and the living influences our way of life, our sensual and sensitive universe.
In Berlin we are immersed in a hyper-urbanised context. We quickly learn that this city is the European metropolis with the most wild animals: wild boars, rabbits, foxes…
The habitat of animals and humans overlap each other. We go in search of signs of life in the city. By walking like trackers through the “green spaces” of the Lichtenberg district (parks, small gardens, wasteland), we observe the paths on the ground, which have been eroded by the repeated passage of people living in the city.
Animals? people?

November, 2020