Luisa Puschendorf, Julia Werhahn

4x A0 prints in outdoor space (interaction)

Apartment buildings towering into the sky, blue, green, tiling with motif, an empty tin of coffee cream wedged in at the side exit of Netto.

On our exploratory tours through Lichtenberg we collected photographic samples and put them together (like a Rubik’s cube of narrative scraps) like a puzzle. The samples in the form of narrow vertical and horizontal strips show sections of Lichtenberg’s architecture and commercial (areas) and focus on found details along the way: a painted house wall, colourful articles of daily use, sheep in the pasture. It is the gaze of a visitor, a passer-by, who tries to capture what catches his eye: Vans, shimmering car paint, places of assembly. Stories emerge from the agglomeration of image details. The different places interact with each other. Impressions and memories become a conglomerate of samples, a city model (or collage) of layers of urban space and different ways of life….

Interaction in outdoor space, Werhahn Puschendorf, 2020
DIN A 4 black and white print

We walk through Lichtenberg and collect situations. Photographically, we capture what catches our attention. Later we try to remember what we heard and picked up on our walks, what was said to us, what we talked about and what we thought at those moments. From this, we create posters with quotes that we return to the urban space.

Interaction in outdoor space, Werhahn Puschendorf, 2020
Packaging, plaster, spray paint

Leftover coffee cups, beer bottles, cigarette packets … traces of our civilisation; collected, dipped in mineral, sprayed with graffiti: an act of appropriation. Carried back out into the urban space, these remnants become a souvenir/commentary/metaphor of our currently suspended sociability.

January, 2021