Marula Di Como

The traversal 

The quest is often translated as a path because, as a principle of becoming and change, it determines what becomes reality, when, where and for whom. That which does not manifest itself during the search and in the realm of possibilities remains a potential reality:

The professionalisation, the doing, the drive, the permanent and enduring, the purpose, the shared participation, the trustworthiness, the living together, the walk, the joy.

Posters, walks, mailings and a photographic documentation.

The action in public space also functions as an introspective space:
An interplay of feelings, thoughts and experiences takes place.

The installation of posters on which questions are written.

A tour through the ten districts of Berlin-Lichtenberg.

The sending of the questions in letter form and by post.

The thoughts of being out and about in different places, where private and public things are shared.

The questions – as well as their answers and interpretations – are nothing other than a crystal-clear self-reflection as a reflection of the self.

The truth is not in the answers, but in the fact that the questioner relates the interpretation of the questions to his or her own life and from this process taps into his or her own new and personal impulses for thought and action.

March, 2021