Antonia Wetzel

Spikey Tenderness

How to be soft and mushy, yet piercingly resilient. How to withstand touch, yet seek it. How to rub and be rubbed against in pain. How to howl and stand still. How to observe and be perceived. How to move and be moved. How to watch out and be washed away.

Put a pin in it.

Put some pain on it.

Rub a gub and paint on it. Why paint cactus lesbianing, when you could be a lesbian cactus? The spike within the urban landscape, roaming streets, greeting toddlers and runners, planting yourself on the sidewalk, hoping your spikes stay in place. Your stings turn in on you, while you walk the streets. They slide down the spiral of your spine and seek the damp darkness of your gay buttcrack. Who wouldn’t?!

When in doubt: be gay.

When it gets hard: stay.

You too will grow old _ grey.

When in a dungeon: play.

Don’t just paint cactus: be cactus!

August, 2021