Lichtenberg Studios 2021

The artistic view of the district of Lichtenberg:

Lichtenberg Studios 2021

With: Lacy Barry, Sylvain Bissonnier, Marula Di Como, Chantal Labinski, Rakshita Mittal, Birgit Szepanski, Lukas Troberg and Antonia Wetzel.

The exhibition Lichtenberg Studios 2021 opens on Wednesday, 10 November 2021, at 7pm, in the Museum Lounge of the Museum Lichtenberg in the Stadthaus at Türrschmidtstraße 24, 10317 Berlin. The exhibition provides an insight into the work of the Lichtenberg Studios 2021 residents until 9 February 2022, and is open Tuesdays to Thursdays 11am to 7pm, Fridays 11am to 6pm and Sundays 2pm to 6pm. Admission is free.

The exhibition features works by Berlin and international residents Lacy Barry, Sylvain Bissonnier (France), Marula Di Como, Chantal Labinski, Rakshita Mittal (India), Birgit Szepanski, Lukas Troberg and Antonia Wetzel. The artworks on display reflect the artists’ approaches to their Berlin guest district of Lichtenberg. The artistic spectrum ranges from Bissonnier’s painting to photographs by Labinski and Mittal to Barry’s thoroughly researched podcast. There are interventions in public space, which in the case of Lukas Torberg are characterised by a strongly sculptural approach, while Antonia Wetzel focuses on performative intervention.

In the studio flat of the Lichtenberg Studios, artists can live, work and intervene in the district of Lichtenberg for up to a month and get to know the city with its rich art scene. 2021 was also marked by the Corona pandemic. At the end of the year, the international exchange returns, which is important for Lichtenberg Studios. With Rakshita Mittal, an artist from Bangalore (India) from the cooperation programme with the Goethe-Institut BangaloREsidency-Expanded was able to come to Lichtenberg again in October. In July, the resident from Die (France), Sylvain Bissonnier, was a guest at Lichtenberg Studios.

November, 2021