Maike Zimmermann

Mental impressions in Lichtenberg

At first I felt very much out of my usual environment. Especially at night. The sounds here are very different from those at home.

The passing of the train, the silence that follows. The street lighting bathes the square in an unreal light, like a film set in Babelsberg.

Well then, tiredness overcomes me (it’s 1:32). Let’s see if and what I dream the first night here…


The next morning: no dreams worth remembering.

Sleep came and went in sync with the passing of the train. Fall asleep, wake up, fall asleep, wake up….

With a sleepy face I go into the Lichtenberg reality. –


Lichtenberg is a lot of ‘tube’, is a lot of ‘train’.


Leaving a trace of oneself. Southernmost point. X. Northernmost point. X.

On the way back, in a side street (Waldowstrasse) I heard birdcalls I was not familiar with. After looking closely, I discovered many goldfinches in a chestnut tree. I listened to the birds for a few minutes and was delighted!


Exploring the district, a complex undertaking, but I stroll the streets on my bike. I have experience in this. Psychogeography. I head for certain destinations I am attracted to. Some of them are:

The Vietnamese wholesale market, the industrial architecture around it, natural spaces and prefabricated buildings, dilapidated prefabricated buildings, old houses. It suggests that these properties are left fallow so that the value increases for the money-laundering investors.

Then suddenly meadows and pastures and one foot in Brandenburg and one in Lichtenberg.


I feel that I have to work compactly in the 2-week period, so I want to express this in photographic collage works. Lichtenberg compact.

May, 2022