Véra Léon, Lecture

Véra Léon, participant of the exchange programme “DIEresidenz”, a small exchange programme in the French Die, is a guest at Lichtenberg Studios in July/August and will give a lecture in English on her artistic work on 29 July 2022 at 7 pm.

Véra (&) Léon is an imaginary artist duo that commutes between Paris and the French Alps. They hold an MA in Photography and Contemporary Art from the University Paris 8 – Saint Denis, France, and a PhD in History from the Université Paris Cité, France.

This double perspective is ideal to explore the construction of individual and collective identities through art (photography, media, performance, soundscapes…) between the present and the past. Their work aims to put collaborations at the heart of their work, be it with communities of young people, other artists or researchers. In 2021, they also curated an online exhibition on the artistic crisis (jauraisvouluetreunartiste.com).

July, 2022