Heather Lyon

Heather Lyon

Berlin Blau

Heather Lyon was a guest at Lichtenberg Studios in March this year and, in addition to some performance projects, dealt with Berlin Blue.

The exhibition “Berlin Blue” opens August 31, 2023 and provides a glimpse into Heather Lyon’s work through November 19.

“Blue was the first modern pigment, accidentally created by a painter in Berlin in 1706 who was looking for red but used potash contaminated with blood.
The resulting crystals were a brilliant dark blue. This color has played an important role in my work for over a decade, and it was natural to look at this blue at its point of origin. I found it on the streets and in used clothing stores in cotton and wool.

Most days I set off by bike or on foot to the sea to embroider on deep blue fabric by the water, to take in the birdsong, to observe the subtle yet constant changes of spring. I collected used clothing from the neighborhood to use in my fabric work, sewing them together into new pieces and shapes, into small quilts, into a poncho for for a performance.” (Heather Lyon, 2023)

August, 2023