Holger Biermann

Paradise Tracks

In June of this year, Holger Biermann was the first artist to visit the new cooperation partner espai sant Marc on Mallorca as part of an exchange program.

The exhibition “Paradise Tracks” opens on November 23, 2023 and shows the results of his work in Mallorca until the results of his work on Mallorca until January 21, 2024.

In his work as a street photographer, Holger Biermann set out to track down the much-cited beach life in S’Arenal. During his four-week stay, he traveled daily by train from Sineu, the town in the interior of Mallorca where the espai sant Marc residence is located, to Palma. In addition to the series of photos of s’Arenal, I also took one of the train journey. While the train journey runs as a “slide show” in the window of the museum lounge, so to speak, as a path to the entrance, the photo series of S’Arenal is shown in the rooms.

“On Mallorca, I took the train from the center of the island to Palma every day. At 30 degrees in the shade, I often waited lonely at the station for the 12 o’clock train. With my straw hat, I looked like a cowboy – and took self-portraits of the dark silhouette until I was allowed to get on. Maybe that’s why I was so excited to photograph the island’s prairie through the window every time I rode.

(…) I heard crazy stories: of drunks climbing from balcony to balcony in the hotel at night. Of tests of courage by young men jumping into the pool from the fourth floor. Or of parties where knockout drops are administered. Don’t go there, I was told, and I stuck to it. I was on the beach at s’Arenal with just my feet in the water. What an adventure.” (Holger Biermannn, 2023)

November, 2023