Shane Dalmedo (Gibraltar)

I took the tram and a bus to get to the Stasi prison which lies unexpectedly in a residential suburb. Barb
wire laced the walls and turrets surrounded the red brick prison building… I listened to our guides recount
of torture and injustices that took place there and saw the inhumane conditions that the prisoners were
kept in, in their cells as we walked through the corridors.
The linoleum on the corridor floor was a clue of what I would find as we entered the interrogation rooms.
The unexpected sight of the patterned wallpapers on the walls and even net curtains, was a stark contrast
to the conditions we had previously seen in the cells and left an impression on me.

March, 2018

Max Sudues (Berlin) September


International artist friends were invited to send me an instructional postcard to a c/o address
in Gibraltar. During my residency in the framework of the Gibraltar-Berlin-Artist-Exchange
project in the fall of 2016, I carried out and performed the instructions given to me, in my own
interpretation. The results were shown in a blog and in an exhibition in the Gustavo Bacarisas
Gallery in Gibraltar and are documented in this catalogue, as well as some other actions I
realised in the public space of Gibraltar.

March, 2018