Birgit Hölmer (Berlin)

In September 2017 I was part of the Gibraltar Berlin Artist Exchange Program in Gibraltar.
In this special British place, dominated by the great rock, with its many Caves are called holey cheese, I spent 3 1/2 weeks. He enters powerfully Apparition – as a reservoir of water and often covered with a huge cloud (Levantes), but at open view with a view of Africa.
Down in the center I had a studio in the Macintosh Hall with library, café, headquarters of the Cultural Services, so well cared for in the middle of it. With the voice murmur in the background, it was work well, was an installation of wall tapestries, paper objects, pasted findings, the I collected the morning walk to the studio through the shopping streets. additionally are still a wall picture in the entrance area and CUTS on the outer windows of one of the Preserved exhibition rooms. Towards the end there was a joint exhibition. Otherwise found
to be taken in the streets of Gibraltar for CUT interventions. That means with Tape residues unannounced on vacant shop windows abstract forms emerge to let.
Shane Dalmedo accompanied me in a friendly way and with artists, journalists, the TV station GBC, … made known. In Gibraltar, there is a greater liability in the evening with much Pulpo, tapas, wine and fun was sealed. It was a great time overall.

March, 2018