Win Knowlton

In the month that I stayed in the Lichtenberg Studio apartment, my prescribed plan was to explore the whole of Bezirk Lichtenberg and to make a plan for a sculpture installation somewhere in the Bezirk.

Starting in Victoriastadt, I explored out in all directions by foot, bicycle, and Strassenbahn – from Wartenberg down to Rummelsburg and out to Karlshorst;

and to places like the Tierpark, the Deutsch-Russisches Museum, the Stasi Museum, the Miles van der Rohe house, the Schrotkugelturm, various gardens, parks and lakes.

I found the location for installation on Obersee and built and installed the work the following summer, with better weather conditions. The installation touches on the marriage of manmade and nature, industrial and natural. The installation is really a sketch of an idea for something that could be made on a larger scale and with full sanction at a later date.

February, 2019