Leslie Kuo 2017

The neighbours could sit down at a long table and talk, write and paint about food. Sometimes they talked and I drew and wrote down key words. Sometimes they drew their own favourite or anti-favourite food or wrote down quotes from themselves and others about the food.

Dear neighbours, you are cordially invited to Uncomfortable Food, a temporary, open studio with neighbourhood kitchen for dialogue about food and migration. As artist in residence I will explore these themes for a fortnight in the shop front of the Lichtenberg Studios.

What is considered something “the farmer doesn’t know” nowadays? Which food do you associate with home in particular? Which food is particularly foreign to you? Please come into the kitchen with your thoughts, stories, recipes or ingredients.

Opening hours: 2-14 September 2017

Tue-Fr: 16-20h

Sat-Sun: 14-20h

Long night of pictures Lichtenberg: 15 September, 17-23h

Stone soup! From 17h water and stone are boiled, approx. 20h is eaten.

November, 2020