Shruti Chamaria, lecture

Shruti Chamaria, participant of the exchange programme “BangaloREsidency-Expanded” of the Goethe Institute, will be a guest at Lichtenberg Studios in May and will give a lecture in English on her artistic work on 5 May 2022 at 7 pm.

Please present a current Covid test to attend the event.

Shruti Chamaria works predominantly with photography and book design. In the series “How to Sit for the Camera”, for example, Shruti Chamaria has documented some of the most unusual and distinctive photo studios in Mumbai and Bangalore, presenting these studios as social spaces that stage individual and collective fantasies. They offer a fascinating
insight into individual fantasies and popular preferences, and illuminate recent social, technological, economic and cultural changes in the Indian metropolis.

During his time at Lichtenberg Studios, Shruti Chamaria would like to extend this work to the photo booths in Berlin as sites of everyday encounters between people, photography, reality and imagination. What is culturally special about these structures in Berlin and how do they compare to certain types of studio photography prevalent in India, especially in terms of how clients interact with this framework? To what extent are these spaces a reflection of the urban social fabric? In an age of globalisation, mass migration and cheap travel, can studio photography enable a transcendence of time and space? These are the questions Shruti Chamaria wants to answer.

May, 2022