Sundeep TK

We walk together under the rainbow.

After decades of grass root activism, India’s supreme court ruled section 377 is unconstitutional, which criminalized the physical intimacy between two consenting same-sex adults on 6th September 2018.
How much has the life of Queer people in India changed after decriminalizing homosexuality? Do they still receive the respect they deserve from society? Are they treated equally? Are queer children growing up without facing any bullies?
As much as I and my fellow queer friends experience, coming out of the closet in India is a privilege only enjoyed by the few. Suicide news of LGBT+ people is frequent in India; often, they don’t get the media attention, and there are unsolved trans murder cases that didn’t find any justice. This is why it is essential to talk about Queer people and Queer lives, so it keeps reminding us of our existence in a part of the world that still needs light in accepting diversity and ways of loving living, and sharing.
“We walk together under the rainbow” is an attempt to map the alternative ways of living and surviving as two or more people with love and respect for each other, which doesn’t follow the traditional idea of family.

February, 2023