Yann Le Crouhennec

During this stay in Lichtenberg studios, I focus on the scale relations between architecture and human beings by underlining their formal and symbolic meanings and observing human life and behavior in public and private spaces. I used drawings, photographs, installation and street interventions.

Yann Le Crouhennec is a visual artist that uses different media, depending on his preoccupations and the need of the situation. He’s a painter that uses the light as a brush to make photographs. He uses video as a poetic media including sound, music and (his) text in addition to the images he makes or remixes. Time and its effects is a matter he uses much in his works. He has been exhibiting for 30 years in a lot of countries in Europe and abroad.

YLC photographs: The eye explores the abyss that the sight opens. The act of seeing never stops to transform things and beings. Look at this bacchanal of photons and pixels whose waves, its living form, energy and its infinite consequences we feel. The photographs I make are a trace of it. It reflects the perception of a sensible time and being.

Februar, 2019