Jürgen Paas

“…Everybody had heard about the iceberg warnings that had been received during the day, but we weren’t worried at all, and everybody was excited by the notion that our ship was going to break all records. We only realised how things really looked when we reached a distance of around a mile from the “Titanic”. From this remove, we could see that the rows of lights on the deck were actually sloping upwards towards the stern of the ship. And the angle between these rows and the surface of the water was getting bigger all the time. But the ship was sinking so slowly that you didn’t notice the lights moving. It was only every quarter of an hour that you got the feeling – when you looked – that the angle had changed again. That was the only difference…” (Taken from: “…Nichts als die Welt. Reportagen und Augenzeugenberichte aus 2500 Jahren.” Georg Brunold (Ed.), Galiani Verlag, Berlin 2009)


November, 2011