Oliver Breitenstein

“Can I ask what that is?” “We were wondering if those were ‘Russisch Brot’ biscuits?” I found the residents of Lichtenberg to be open-minded and curious: interested in their surroundings and always willing to stop for a chat – whether on my “Dog Walks”, while playing on a model race track, or else blogging with biscuits on Münsterlandplatz. Of course, alongside the genuine Lichtenberger you can also encounter more global species such as the ecology snob in black sandals and equally black outdoor clothing, who is probably a teacher and is interested in art as long as its stays in a museum – “Is that rubbish going to be left there?” – or the widespread phenomenon of the anti-mobile brigade – “Do people really have to be on the phone everywhere they go?” In Lichtenberg, however, the latter will generally be riding a BMX bike with a paper bag from the bakery in their hand.

As well as providing bagels and coffee, they are also more than willing to supply you with good tips: “Roll down the window, it’s supposed to help when you’re tired.” And it did help!


November, 2011