Gertrud Neuhaus

My spinal disks had been given a really good shaking by the time I completed my first whole day on my new bike travelling around Lichtenberg on cobble-stone streets, during which I made it to Gertrudstrasse and Gertrudenhof. Actually, I had only recently recovered from a slipped disk! Okay, so I will be spending some time injured here – I want to enjoy it.

I continue my explorations on foot; Münsterlandstrasse is very close. I walk a little further every day, and then cover even greater distances and lie down on the huge sofa when I take a break. I try to find out about osteopaths in Lichtenberg and look around to see what else there is here.

I continuously hear bells ringing (because it will soon be Christmas?) and I hope for a miracle cure.

An osteopath on Frankfurter Allee finally gets in touch to suggest an appointment and promises me that my brain will detect a false connection and will implement the necessary regulation processes. She is one of the first in Germany to practise the NIS (neurological integration system) method. This approach is concerned with communication between the brain and body, and only one treatment session is necessary for long-term self-healing, she claimed. This sounded very pleasant and convenient!

Alongside the usual attractions in Lichtenberg such as the ‘Tierpark’ zoo, the Vietnamese market, the Stasi Museum, the Mies van der Rohe house and the Hohenschönhausen historical site, I also see a lot of old village churches (because it will soon be Christmas?). These churches are always surrounded by buildings that are significantly taller than the churches themselves. And sooo many people live here! But maybe I only notice this because I come from Münster.

I am back home again now, and my back pains have gone away too.
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March, 2014