Daniela Ehemann

“Home” or “when plant pots and temporary curtains are removed from office buildings at night” was created in 2014.
In this animation, the process of appropriation of reality is gradually rendered visible by the drawing. The aim is to sketch the notion of “home” = “house” using an extended line with exactly eight straight elements and without going over any element twice. The halting movements and the unadorned awkwardness here emphasise the artistic process behind the medium of drawing, which is the original medium of animation films. The simplicity of this depiction of a house also plays with the concept of the search for a perfect “home”, which is generally symbolised by the notions of “the good and pure” and the “perfect worker’s home” in architecture in modern times. The artist reflected upon and worked with these notions during her residence at Lichtenberg Studios, and the results in the form of spoken material accompany and are also in contrast with the film itself.

March, 2015