Yuki Jungesblut

Crocodiles in Lichtenberg/ from C minor to C major

My mission was to explore Lichtenberg – under the influence of the great C. So I set out – as an agent, bicycle flâneur, hobby sociologist and story seeker. Of course, one wonders how change comes about when one does not know exactly what it looked like before, and how one can really show the presence of something quite invisible. During the two weeks I spent in the district, I made photographic notes of Lichtenberg’s different pitches. And so a picture is built between induction and the search for traces.

As a literary accompaniment for the time I had fished out Mr Georg Christoph Lichtenberg. I found the title “Crocodiles in the moat” quite fitting. And so I combined my observations with text fragments from the book, in an effort to read the district crosswise. Sometimes with more, sometimes with less success. But it turned out that during my stay – probably because of the walks to the different points of connection to the historical development in Germany during the last 100 years – another author joined me, Mr. George Orwell. He struck a very different note from his colleague and so the number of pitfalls increased exponentially and the web became more complex. Here are just a few impressions from the meantime.

November, 2020