Johan Suneson

Johan Suneson

As an artist, I work with narrations in sculpture, painting and performance. My childhood experiences from small forest areas in a Stockholm suburb have been an emotional starting point for my works. Through site-specific performances, I investigate man’s relationship to nature.

The City has existed for a very long time and has undergone many metamorphoses.

In a way it is a manifestation of something permanent. At the same time it goes through constant change. Traces of those who are no longer alive can be seen in the City. The economic forces, i.e. the land value increase, are displacing the City’s deserted plots.

During my stay in Lichtenberg, I work with nature’s presence in the district. I walk around and explore living nature in relation to man-made structures. Through drawing, I can emotionally interpret the meeting between the two. My research will then turn into site-specific sculptures and installations.

January, 2022