Berlin-DIEresidenz 2021

Berlin-DIEresidenz 2021

Sylvain Bissonnier and Yuki Jungesblut, last year’s participants in the exchange programme, will be showing their works created in Berlin and Die in the Museum Lounge from 10 February 2022.

The exhibition “Berlin-DIEresidenz 2021” opens on 10 February 2021 and provides an insight into the Berlin-DIEresidenz exchange programme until 30 March.

Since 2018, there has been a cooperation between Lichtenberg Studios and DIEresidenz, a house located near Die, France, where curator Conny Becker lives with her family. The house is only a 10-minute bike ride from Die and yet is completely secluded in the “dark” forest. A granny flat and a studio are available for the respective residents.

Sylvain Bissonnier was looking for new approaches for his painting in Lichtenberg, some of whose results he installed in public space at the end of his stay. “I was also impressed by the bland colours of the fa├žades, the density of the monuments, the opulence of the graffiti, the mass posters and all the exotic tones that presented themselves to me. On my walks, I collected advertising posters that had fallen to the ground, laminated on panels, and set to work in the large studio of Lichtenberg Studios.”

Yuki Jungesblut sought distance from the city and the pandemic and used her means of photography and research to explore The. “Based on a collection of local anecdotes featuring several lonely women, the resulting arrangement oscillates between a story about Die and not about Die at all, inviting the viewer to ponder the relationship between subject and world, individual and society, agency, dislocation, ignorance, pain, the shadow of death, and the constant flow of water in a river. Last but not least, autonomy, loneliness, aloneness and alterity are also pondered.”

February, 2022